Saturday, March 14, 2009 ;
12:27:00 AM
HEY you there, yes you.

how's your day?
well, the week passed very quickly.
and now it's the HOLIDAYS!

got back results.
1) eng 14/30 (fail)
2) chinese 48/50 (fail)
3) E maths 41/50(pass)
4) A maths 40/50(pass)
5) physics 43/50(pass)
6) chem 30/50(not happy)
7 ) SS 13/25 (not happy)

hmm we had chem lab lesson
me and xinying had too much water obtained from the impure salt solution,
so we increased the heat intensity. how? by adding one more bunsen burner xD

initially i thought mr Tan asked us to do it like that, but he only placed the test tube holder under the burner for support. then he was a bit surprised when he saw this.

I can safely say that, like in sec 4 is less colourful as compared to sec 1,2 and 3.
there used to be so many interesting things that you could talk about last time,...

from the "'flooded' chem lab basin" to "the hole in the wall" which happened 2 years back.
i guess life's getting a bit boring for me.
maybe it's due to the work? i dont know.

so.. i should try to make this holiday useful. study as much as possible, and play too.

tomorrow will be playing pool, then will be running with chen hui and edmund around the Boon Lay sec estate.
then maybe sunda go makan with edmund before he goes for the SUPERNUM and... after that he will come back with the SEXY yellow lanyard
good luck bro.

Just hope the holidays pass quickly, because every moment that i'm not occupied,
i'll tend to think about her, which kills me.Argh. ( like right now x.x)

happy holidays.=)


Friday, March 6, 2009 ;
8:01:00 PM
well, finally Common test is over, this blog is rather dead already.
no one's gonna sweep the dust, i guess.
so it's just LEFT 4 DEAD. xD

so far got back 3 papers out of 7. it's not looking good.
i want at least 3 As.

English 14/30 ( fail)
Chinese 48/100 ( fail)
Amaths 40/50 ( pass )

it's not looking so good.:( guess have to do better next time.
good luck for the FREE STYLERS! tomorrow's your big day =]

hope you're doing well.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009 ;
12:47:00 AM
ha happy new year people! i'm back , but only for now.
wont be posting so often. in fact, maybe hardly.
you guys, do take care. MAY YOU RECEIVE MANY ANGPAOS =]

nian nian you yu.


Thursday, January 8, 2009 ;
10:35:00 PM
TODAY took photo, tomorrow's a fri and last day of the week. cant wait for it to get over. then can have a good 10 hour plus sleep =]

photoing taking . omg.

IT's 10.42 now and i still haven started preparing for promotion parade tomorrow. crap.

songyang i removed it already.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009 ;
9:27:00 PM
4 days of school passed liao. VERY TIRED LOL .
wake up, school, play do homework, wake up ,school ....
over and over again. getting a bit bored. O's happening in about 9 months time.
must study, do homework. cant play liao. STUDY . hard. .-.

phototaking tomorrow.



Sunday, January 4, 2009 ;
11:46:00 AM
okay so i'm gonna post about what happened on the last day of 2008,
i know it's late but at least i posted right =] .

so, i started my last day of the year with my mum, she was nagging and kept asking me to go to a temple somewhere around Chinatown.
she said we'd be done by 3 plus, but in the end only 5 plus then start leaving chinatown.
i told edmund i will meet him at arena early but was quite late liao.
so i got down from boonlay and quickly took bus 182 to arena to meet the others.
got down and started walking towards burger king ( BK ) . then saw mae and ziqi at the otherside of the road.

i went up and saw edmund,shengrong,dillon,fedrick,mervyn, zf , weezhi , isaac and a few more others.cant remember who was there. played pool from 6 plus to 8 plus.
then after that me, shengrong,edmund and weezhi left for jurong point. weezhi went home and will meet us after we finish dinner.


ate long john with them, found weezhi and went to take bus 30 to taman jurong.
initially went there t find xianqin, but jianrong and the others happened to be there.
found jr, yeetiong, audric, songyang, lewis, aaron and chinlong at the lan shop.
they were playing some weird game o.o run, kill and survive.

they were all there to see darren, dean,shengshue and greg's performance,
we ran like mad from Taman Jurong Shopping Centre to Taman Jurong Greens so see it, but when we reached, we found darren and he said they finished their performance @.@

then shengrong suggested we went to boonlay for the celebration, so we went there.
aaron,me,edmund,shengrong,darren,dric,songyang,lewis,chinlong,jianrong,yeetiong and xianqin
took bus 24o to boonlay.
When we were on the bus, we made alot of noise and people kept looking. then a few fuhua people got up onto the same bus. they were from last year's 2i5.Whole bus fuhua=D
When we reached our stop, Songyang shouted " we hate our school" , then dric screamed
" FUHUA" .
LOL. damn crap sia.
walked around the place and there was quite a lot of people. indians especially.

This is the foam party. It's too messy

Walked the whole stretch and went into into the foodcourt. they bought drinks and waited for ian, while jianrong went home to get something.We then walked to the main road and sat along the curb.

It started to get noisy. I looked in the sky and saw smoke rising from the building.
then i looked at my phone. WTH IT'S 0000 ALREADY . din even know sia ==
we were sitting along the Boonlay Market Place and FC , so we cant really see anything except for smoke in the sky.

it was then when the party started. Indians started to get damn damn high and danced around
here's a vid.

that's songyang being carried. he's in green .

then darren started to interact with the indian guys, BY DANCING WITH THEM!
damn funny LOL. so after he did that, why not make him dance.
SO, the 12 of us formed a circle, and darren started to dance in the circle. many gathered and clapped.

There's suppose to be a better vid, but i dont know where mine flew to. jiajun has it.

So after partying with the indians, we decided to go somewhere else since the crowd dispersed.
we got to a bus stop and slack there. arron, audric and ian went home first.
then the rest of us started to walk to Yeetiong's house.
we walked from grace orchard and people started to go home.

first it was xianqin and darren, then edmund went home.
i went back home after edmund since i have to be back by 2.15
But, i went back, and ran out again to find the others .

So by that time, it was around 3. went to Pioneer mall to wait for sy and the others to buy beer and other things. 4 people came and they bought 6 carlsberg and 1 pack of cig.
walked to yeetiong's house after that.

reached his block and went up. they aound a pack on the floor. wtf so lucky LOL
then went up to his house.jr was playing PS1 with Yeetiong's bro and jiajun was sound asleep.

so me, jianrong, songyang, chin long , yeetiong and lewis went to the carpark opp yeetiong's block . TOP FLOOR xD

Sat somewhere cooling and started drinking and eat peanuts.
. slacked there will 5 plus and went down to the playground. jr started talking to me and talked a lot rubbish too.

then around 5.40, we went to have breakfast at the carpark there, then after that went back up to yeetiong's house. one by one, we started dozing off. first was songyang, then jianrong then me.
chin long, yeetiong and lewis played cards.

then i ran home at 7.

time for me to do newspaper cutting.



Monday, December 29, 2008 ;
11:16:00 PM
T-NET =o the tug of war is damn fun lol. kena pulled away.


i'm watchng " ming your language" on OKTO


Saturday, December 27, 2008 ;
8:58:00 PM
OKAY finally got the pics, anw it's about 6C and 6D's gathering at ren lao shi's house.
FYI, it's on xmas 251208

so basically,from the pic, you can see that 14 people were present. from top left to bottom . yunpeng, zhenyang, guowei , weineng , james , leon , joyce, adlar,joe,yuxiu, eileen, ren lao shi, hilary and junhong.

and so... met junhong and weineng at boonlay mrt.
went to fairprice and met up with the others.
every one forked out $2 to james and he had about 2o plus to buy things.
there's a budget, so have cant buy nice things to eat.

Then we took a train to sengkang.
james and a few others went to fetch eileen at jurong east.
from outram to sengkang,
me,adlar, junhong and hilary sat together so hilary offered us a bubble gum.
it was damn hard LOL.

then we got down at sengkang, took a LRT to compassvale.
over there, kangsoon saw me. was rather shocked lol.
went into ren lao shi's house and it was a nice place.

played card games, cheat, blackjack and many other things.
i like the fries and wings that ren lao shi friend. very nice. had 4 drumsticks.

at the start , there was lack of things to do, but slowly, we started doing nonsense.
a few played PS2, a few played majong and the others went into a room and played CONCENTRATION.

"concentration concentration, this is a game of concentration"

the one that lost had to do a forfiet. so james did a few things before eileen . funny =D

next. there isn't nothing much to do, so me, zhenyang, hilary,junhong,joyce and yixiu went to prank call people.
i pranked this boonlay guy called ryan and told him i was his pri 3 friend named "joshua" LOL.
then he started sending me " good friend" messages o.O .
hilary was good at talking to the guys LOl.
she talked to one of yixiu's friend. damn funny.

we then had gift exchange. the whole thing was very creative. can try it again someday.
after that eileen and yixiu left.
shortly after, the pri kids left. it was much more quiet after they left.

so the rest of us stayed till 8 and left ren lao shi's house.
ren lao shi said maybe can come on new year too. hope can go =]
took LRT to sengkang, said bye to joyce and took a train to boonlay.
shortly after, adlar and hilary left so the rest of us guys went jp to have our dinner.

ate at kopitiam and stayed there till 10 plus.
then everyone walked home while zhenyang and james took bus.
took a slow walk together with joe and weineng.
then said bye to joe around boon lay sec.

then weineng and i started to talk about pri school and kindergarten.
we happened to be from PAP. ya i remembered i saw him before in PAP.
so, said bye to him and walked back home.

it was a rather good xmas because can meet up with friends.

tomorrow volunteer at taka there. hope will be fun =]


Tuesday, December 23, 2008 ;
1:51:00 AM
well it's all gone now and i hope i can cope with it.
kinda looking forward to the xmas party at REN LAO SHI house because
i'm like whole day staying at home and it's damn boring ==
hopefully there's something on on the eve of new year.
a memorable one would be good =D

time to start workinggggggggggggggggggggggggg =D merryxmas guys


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